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Pricing and infomation can be found under the “Custom Pet Portraits” tab.

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Portraits can take between 2-3 weeks depending on how busy the artist is at the time. What we mean by this is that how quickly the portrait is completed is largely dependent on how many other orders are underway at the same time. 2-3 weeks doesn’t include shipping times.

Simply send an email via the “contact me” page. Any questions you have at the time can and will be answered and the artist can provide a more concise time estimate. In some cases portraits can be rushed however this is completely up to the artist. During busy periods like Christmas there can be no guarantee as everyone shares the same end date.

The drawings are hand drawn using an Ipad pro and an apple pencil with Procreate being the software of choice. On occasion images are uploaded to photoshop for small adjustments usually to the colouring.

Most definitely! We don’t offer shipping services for international orders but that’s what the Digital File option is for.

Please have a read at the photo guidelines found here. Following these can help guarantee a high quality end product. Unclear photos mean that the artist is forced to guess a lot of the details which can result in an incorrect portrait.

The standard price you paid at the time of order is strictly for personal use only. If you are looking to turn the drawing into merchandise the artist can definitely accommodate that however you will be required to purchase the copyrights of the drawing, this will come with a certificate relinquishing the rights from the artist so that you can use it as you please along with the appropriate files you need, the artist can also edit the format of the drawing to suit your end goal. (Eg. Turn the portrait into a sticker format)

At this stage we are not offering the option to have humans included in the portraits. Pets only. In saying this the definition of “pets” should be translated to any animal, whether that be the normal cat, dog or horse or to something more exotic such as lizards, birds or rodents.