You send it, we’ll draw it.

You’ll be asked to fill in a number of details such as number of pets you want in the portrait, what background type etc. and our artist Jamie will complete the portrait according to the information you’ve sent in.

The more detail you provide, the easier the portrait will be!


Choose the number of pets you would like in the 1 portrait. If you have more than 3 please contact us via the contact page for a quote. 

None – This will look like 1 solid colour as the background, sometimes a gradient of light to dark of the 1 colour.

Basic  – This can be a couple of different things. The simple gradient circle, the luminescent bubbles or a textured brush from the program being used.

Floral +$15  – As the name suggests this involves having flowers included in the drawing, as a result the actual background is made to be simple or ‘none’. The flowers can be customised if there is a specific type you are after, if not specified the artist will decide.

Elaborate +$18 – An elaborate background is ultimately up to you and what you would like to it be. This can be a landscape setting or anything else. Reference images will need to be supplied.

A4 dimensions – 210 x 297mm

A3 dimensions – 297 x 420mm

When selecting a digital file as the final product you will receive your Custom Pet Portrait via the email you entered at the time of the order. In some cases the file may be too large, if this is the case you will be notified and we will work on using either Google drive or a dropbox to share the image with you.

This option is great if you are ordering outside of Australia!

When selecting the hard copy option for your order you will receive an A4 (+22) or A3 (+27) depending on what you selected, 200gsm Photo Gloss paper print of your Custom Pet Portrait. This will arrive with a backing board in a plastic slip with another backing board at the front for added protection.

Commercial-Use Quote Enquiry

Fill out the form below to enquire about a fully custom pet portrait for commercial use:

What the package includes:


No problem at all, just get in touch with your request and the artist will do their best to fulfill.

Yes definitely, please mention this in your notes to discuss your vision. 

Stickermule has been my personal go-to and where I send commercial customers, who are so far all very happy with their outcomes. (not sponsored)

It is essentially a letter coming straight from the artist stating that they no longer hold the rights to the drawing thereby enabling the customer to sell the drawing in a sticker format, t shirts etc.. and collect earnings from the drawing without having to credit the artist. The only credit required is if the artwork is directly inquired about in which it is requested that DogeJM be mentioned.