Custom Pet Portrait

Please note, if you are NOT within Australia we can only provide a digital copy of your portrait due to shipping restrictions – no hard copy

(max file size 512 MB)

(max file size 512 MB)

(max file size 512 MB)

(max file size 512 MB)

(max file size 512 MB)

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No problem at all, just get in touch with your request and the artist will do their best to fulfill.

Yes definitely, please mention this in your notes to discuss your vision. 

Stickermule has been my personal go-to and where I send commercial customers, who are so far all very happy with their outcomes. (not sponsored)

It is essentially a letter coming straight from the artist stating that they no longer hold the rights to the drawing thereby enabling the customer to sell the drawing in a sticker format, t shirts etc.. and collect earnings from the drawing without having to credit the artist. The only credit required is if the artwork is directly inquired about in which it is requested that DogeJM be mentioned.

Photo Guidelines

  • The most important part of your order, crucial to the quality of the final custom pet portrait, is the quality of the images you upload. Let’s review the following tips and guidelines to make sure your photos are just right.
  • Take a photo or choose an existing photo that is taken in daylight or in a brightly lit room. Images taken with flash can cause colouring and details to be over exposed and therefore hard to replicate.
  • Use a smartphone or high quality camera
  • Ensure the whole face & neck is visible and not in shadows. If you are wanting a full body portrait the photos sent in must reflect this. For example, If you want to pet sitting please send in a photo of them sitting.
    Avoid overly filtered photos to ensure the artist correctly captures your pet’s coloring.
  • Make sure your pet is looking directly at the camera at eye level ideally, facing forward. Other positions are acceptable, but your pet will be shown in that position in the final portrait.
  • The funny photos are always the one that come out the best. It’s an instantly perfect way to represent their personality. The other goto is choosing your favourite photos.
  • If you are getting a portrait done for a friend or family member, aim to get the pictures in secret, this makes the surprise gift that much more special!
  • Please note: collars (not leashes) bows, hats, and other cute outfits will be illustrated in your final portrait if they are in the photo provided. In some cases we are able to remove or add collars, tags and certain outfits at request (you can make a note of that in the notes box), but your pet should look exactly how you want them to look in the photo as you want them to look in the custom portrait.